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We Believe In Small Business. We Are Small Business.

Our main objective is to give you, the small business owner, a spot to call home in the ever-evolving online world. Since we are a small business ourselves we understand the delicacies of starting up, running, maintaining and growing your operation. Whether you need a basic landing page to hold ship before launching a bigger initiative, a focused online store or gallery for your craft or a full build-out custom to fit you business needs - we can help.

Custom Web Design

Tailored for your business, budget and time frame.

Broad Marketing

We offer multiple outlets to spread the word and keep you relevant.

Brand Identity

Separate your venture from the norm and express yourself.


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Here's a look at what's been keeping us busy.

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We can create a new identity or build off your existing style.


Here are a couple of areas we like to work in!

Business Cards

Eberhart Interactive can create business cards for every type of business. From clean and modern to unique and over the top, we can help. These custom business cards come in a variety of paper stock and finish options to fit your needs and budget!


Are you planning a business event or personal party? EI's designers will create as colorful of a concept as you wish that will drive your point home. Our expertise includes various brochure and postcard style designs that can be personally distributed or even mailed!


Your company logo is the center piece of your brand's identity. We create beautiful, clean, logos at competitive prices and that stand up to the test of time. Hit Us Up to discuss your vision and how we can build your brand.




We can get you on the map or grow your existing business.

Video Marketing Service

Coming Soon

Email Marketing Services

Keep your clients in the loop with the web's most popular campaign service. We'll do the heavy lifting!

Mass Mail Initiatives

Create a buzz in segments of your town with our mass mail service. We handle everything from design to delivery!




The hosting you need at a price that's right for your business!

Our services include:


All-In-One Hosting Packages

Email Accounts

Domain Name Registration

Maintenance Packages



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Born in Texas. Raised in Texas. Shaping Texas.

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We want to hear all about it. Whether inquiring about how we can help grow your business or questions with you current set-up, we're here to help!


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